About Us

Legal status 

Trinity Care Foundation is a registered public charitable trust under the Indian Trusts Act (Reg No.:SHVD-4-00745-2007-2008). We are also registered under:

  • Under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Order No : DIT (E)BLR/12A/T-322/AABTT5300R/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2009-2010, dated April 24, 2009)
  • Under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Order no.: DIT (E)BLR/80G/4/AABTT5300R/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2010-2011, dated April 20, 2010) with perpetual validity.
  • The FCRA Regulations of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (Permanent Reg No.: 094421576, dated September 09, 2014) for the receipt of foreign donations.

Trinity Care Foundation operations are managed out of the Bangalore office; the management team takes the programme and operational decisions with oversight from the Board of Trustees.
Our Funds come from multiple sources, including individuals who provide support through annual fundraising events and through direct donations as well as funding from institutions and corporates.

Governing Board & Management Team :-

Mr. Binu J Varghese 
Director – CSR Programs.

A self-motivated, result oriented and culturally sensitive individual with a Financial Service background, possessing a Master’s in Business Administration.
Engaged in People Development and actively contribute to the Socio – Economic growth of communities, to explore opportunities of meaningful partnerships with organisations on implementation of community healthcare related projects and oversee Implementation and Impact Assessment of programmes, who values to be a Responsible Citizen and consistently strive to exceed current standards and yardsticks of performance and assume greater responsibilities so as to build a better sustainable way of life for the enervated section of the society. Has over 18 years’ experience in managing various positions and assignments with Multinational Banks and Human Resources Management Organisations.Connect with Binu on LinkedIn.

Dr. Toby Abraham Thomas
MBBS, DNB – General Internal Medicine

 Health Professional, with strong executional skills. Excellent in academics who always strives to enhance health of the people through research and health camps. Connect with Dr. Toby at St. Philomenas HospitalAreas of specialization: Learning and Development, Research, Medical writing.


Prof. Dr. Pramila M

Public Health Dentistry, BDS, MDS.

Public Health Professional with strong people skills. Contributes her knowledge and expertise continuously for the betterment of the community.Areas of specialization: Public health Dentistry and Epidemiology.


Dr. Yasha Pandit

Working in the area of Medical administration and Healthcare Operations. Being a part of a tertiary care unit I like to take full advantage of first hand interaction with patients and people at large to spread awareness towards preventive concepts of health. Connect with Dr. Yasha on LinkedInAreas of specialization: Hospital Operations Management, Bio-statistics, Health Economics.


Dr. Umashankar G K

Public Health Dentistry Professional with strong people skills. Being Project Director-Public Health Dentistry involved in School Health Programs. Contributes his knowledge and expertise continuously. Bridges the gap between Healthcare professionals and the community. Areas of specialization: Public health Dentistry.


Dr. Tony Verghese Thomas

Program Director, MPH.

Public Health Professional with strong people skills. Being Program Director of Trinity Care Foundation involved with Outreach Health Programs. Contributes his knowledge and expertise continuously. Bridges the gap between Healthcare professionals and the community. Connect with Dr. Thomas on LinkedIn and TwitterAreas of specialization: Mobilization Programs, Public health Programs, Epidemiology.

Trinity Care foundation is a Bangalore based NGO ( Non Government organization ) focused on developing health care of community and school children. We conduct health care CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes, free cleft lip and palate surgeries and school health programmes in Bangalore and many districts and taluks of Karnataka. For more details Please get in touch with us