Public Health Dentistry Programs

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The Focus of  Public Health Dentistry is on good Oral Health, Disease Prevention and other concerns specific to Children, Youth and Seniors. Most Programs are focusing on Kids and Seniors. It is the science and art of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts..

For Children and Youth:

School, College, Orphanages and Specialized Population: Dental Screening, Education and Treatments and referral to Specialized Dental Centers.

For Adults:

Dental Screening, Education and Treatments and referral to Specialized Dental Centers.

For Seniors living in nursing homes, retirement homes and living centers :

  • Screening for potential dental problems.
  • Awareness workshops on the importance of good oral health and disease prevention specific to seniors.
  • Professional cleaning and identification of dentures for seniors in the mobile dental clinic.
  • Demonstrations on brushing techniques for residents and/or their caregivers.

For Teachers and Parents:

Health Education Program for Teachers is a must since children are with them most of the time, Parents can be also trained to reinforce the message at home. Health Education during Parents Teacher’s Association Meet is a wonderful Concept that could be implemented.

Programs for specialized populations conducted by Trinity Care Foundation;

Dental Screening for SHG’s ( Self Help Groups) in Karnataka, India.

This Public Health Dentistry Program was for Oral Health Education and Screening for Women Self  Help Groups( 18 members) in Halsuru Village, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India. There was health education focusing on Oral Hygiene, Children’s Teeth, Tobacco, Myths of Dentistry and General Health and followed by discussion, Oral Health Check-up and Treatment. Women are the Light for their Families mostly in Rural Areas. They have more commitment towards their family and near and dear ones.

Oral Health Program for Children Living with HIV in Bangalore, India.

This Public Health Dentistry Program was conducted in an Orphanage in Bangalore for Children living with HIV. The Program focused on Dental Check-up, Health Education and Dental Treatment. Treatments like scaling and restoration was done at the Orphanage on the Mobile Dental Unit and those requiring specialized treatment were referred to M.R.Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore, India.

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Trinity Care foundation is a Bangalore based NGO ( Non Government organization ) focused on developing health care of community and school children. We conduct health care CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes, free cleft lip and palate surgeries and school health programmes in Bangalore and many districts and taluks of Karnataka. For more details Please get in touch with us